Anti Air Pollution Face Mask

with Zorflex (UK)™ Activated Carbon Cloth Filter

Designed for UK Ministry of Defence for protection against Chemical and Biological warfare

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Air pollution facts in India

Outdoor air pollution contributed to over 620,000 premature deaths in India - Boston based Health Effects Institute

In 2013, a report by Global Burden of Disease (GBD) said that outdoor air pollution is the 5th largest killer in India.

In the Yale Enviornmental Performance Index by the Yale University, India ranked at 174th position out of 178 countries on air pollution

Air pollution afftecting even foetal growth - Time of India, New Delhi

According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) study, Delhi has surpassed Beijing and is currently the most polluted city in the world. This puts its people at a dangerous risk of respiratory diseases.

NeoMask is your safeguard against pollutants and pathogens. Daily use design makes the NeoMask washable and durable. The unique one-way valves allow for easy breathing while keeping your lungs safe from what the world throws at you.

NeoMask is made from Hypo-allergenic breathable non latex neoprene, allowing a good seal and comfortable fit, along with having an adjustable nose piece and using comfortable secure velcro fastenings.

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Designed for City Use

  • Motor Cycling
  • Auto Passanger
  • Urban Cycling
  • City Walking
  • Virus Protection
  • Industrial Use

Zorflex (UK)™ Activated Carbon Cloth Filter

Offers superior protection against:
Gases and Vapours like hydrocarbon, sulphur dioxide, etc.
Particulate Matter like diesel exhaust particles, asbestos, pollen, black smoke, etc.

Protects from particles as small as 0.3 microns (HEPA) levels

It is recommended to replace the ACC Filter every 3 to 4 months based on daily usage of 2 to 3 hours

Neomask Adults VC65 and Childs KMP series:
Activated Carbon Non Woven Filter

Protects against the inhalation of primary pollutants found in most major cities and factories.

Neomask VC65/KMP activated carbon filter non woven meets the standard of Q/320602 DTB01-2002.

Neomask VC65/KMP offers 4 layers of protection –

  1. Dust Fliter
  2. Activated Carbon Non Woven
  3. Dust Fliter
  4. Cotton Fabric

Neomask VC65/KMP fits comfortably on the face between nose bridge and chin, shape the nose clip to ensure a good seal.

Neomask VC65/KMP series mask should be replaced after 4 months of daily